Call Connect

A bit of press coverage. Woo!

AppStore Arcade and Eurogamer have kindly reviewed our highly popular game, Call Connect. Apparently it's been the cause of much stress, but that's how it was in them days, working those switchboards (so we hear).

We are also featured on Kotaku's regular Show and Tell spot. We reveal how difficult it is making games with your mortal enemy and a teeny bit about our fabled next project. We also give advice about how to break into the games industry; seeing as we're technically on the fringe of it, we're unsure of how qualified we are to do that, but we did it anyway!

Call Connect update 2.0 released!

Call Connect has entered the high resolution age! The new super high rez (I can barely look at them, they're so crisp) Retina graphics will cause spasms of joy in your ocular cavity*. Looks pretty nifty on an iPad2 to boot. UPDATE NOW!

Call Connect is a fast paced arcade-style switchboard simulation for the iPhone. Call Connect requires sharp eyes and dextrous digits as you navigate an ever increasing flood of calls from around the nation. Don't leave callers hanging on for too long! Available now on the App Store!

*See your doctor if spasms persist



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